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Cost analysis

Many NHS trusts have already implemented our name & role hats successfully with their respective infection control departments fully onboard and we are happy to share their policies with hospitals.


Switching from disposable to reusable hats saves money over the life of the garment and trusts we are working with are already making significant savings.

Let’s look at an example in a couple of different ways:

There is also a cost when a staff member leaves as new hats are required for the person who fills their role.  If the clinician can wear the same colour hats elsewhere and has the same role then this is great, but your hospital has funded these hats and will need to purchase new hats for new starters.


Our badge hat range can be used by any member of the team, just like scrubs so they are always left on site and the outlay of the cost of the hats kept within the department who purchased them.


Calculate Savings pig
Year 1 = £5,961.00
Year 2 = £23,400
Year 3 = £23,400
Total Saving
= £52,761
Over 3 Years


If a hospital has 400 members of staff with embroidered 4 hats each and they have a turnover of staff who leave of just 10% annually, this equates to:

Calculate Savings pig

480 hats which will leave the department over the life of the garment. Which is the equivalent to a loss of £4560.00 opposed to £464.00 for 160 new badges!

400 x 4 = 1600 hats

10% = 160 hats

X 3 years = 160 x 3 = 480

PLUS, The outlay for the new replacement hats for new starters.


The badge hats can stay within the department until the end of their garment life which is approximately 3 years, and the badges can be worn by other clinicians with the same name/role.

For example, John, Anaesthetist.
The cost to replace the badge would be £2.90 opposed to the fully embroidered hat of £9.50.

We hope that this has given you some food for thought. We love both our embroidered and badge hats, and we will work with you and your team to help you to make the best choice clinically and financially which best suits you!

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