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Order process

We want to provide our customers with the best experience possible when it comes to ordering theatre hats, which is why we have streamlined the process to just four simple steps.


From finding the perfect style to customizing the colour and size of the hat, we make it easy for you to get the best product to suit your needs. Our secure online portal makes it simple to order and we offer fast, affordable shipping to ensure swift delivery times.

4 Step process

Step 1

Open an account with us, you can do that by using our quick online account form here. Once you're account is setup, a login for our online order portal will be sent to you.

Step 2

Add and build your orders on our portal, when you are happy and ready to order then just let us know by emailing ( we will then generate and invoice which will be emailed to your finance department, this will be to request a purchase order number.

Step 3

Upon receiving the official PO, your order will be put into production on the same day and your order will be delivered within 2-3 weeks. (from date of receiving the official PO)

Step 4

Enjoy ! If you notice any issues with your order, please let us know by filling out one of the forms below, and don't worry, we will get back to you within an hour or two.

Delivery Charges

Orders above £350.00 are free of charge and sent via parcel force 24, For orders that are below this value the delivery charge will be £7.95 for all UK destinations. If you are outside of the UK we will give you individual prices depending on your location.


For help with delivery updates,  ordering, prices or you simply would just like a phone call.

Please remember to check your emails, as the answer could be hiding within your inbox.


If you have your order in spreadsheet, then please use our template below, once you have completed it let us know and we can import it.

Nuestro interés en las gorras de teatro con nombre provino de la pasión y el impulso de 'ayudar' en lugar de obtener ganancias financieras, porque el esfuerzo por tratar de alentar la implementación de los sombreros con nombre en todo el país descubrió una falta de opciones en la cantidad de empresas capaces de facilitar esto. , por eso decidimos convertirnos en proveedores para ellos, ofreciendo los mejores productos con beneficios / opciones adicionales a los precios más accesibles. También estamos tratando de innovar y brindar soluciones y diseñar nuevos productos en base a lo que requieren nuestros clientes. Todos nuestros productos se fabrican en un entorno aprobado por ISO 9001, una lista de acreditaciones para cumplir con las cuales están disponibles a pedido.

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