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Hats range

Due to the complexity in ordering our embroidered hats, they are not available to order online. If you would like to start a new order please view our 4 step order process here. Sample packs are available to purchase online.

Embroidered hats

Our embroidered range of hats, your name and job role is embroidered onto the hat.

Embroidered reusable theatre hat by Eco Ninjas
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Badge hats & badges

Badge reusable theatre hat by Eco Ninjas

Our badge range of hats, your name and job role is printed onto a badge which fits onto the hat.

Warwick Med Logo
Warwick Med Ltd Badge Hat Michelle
Warwick Med Logo

Sample Packs

Our ready to despatch samples contain our whole range of hats and badges,

Available Colours

Supplied with or without embroidery, Also available with press studs to affix name badges to

Eco Ninjas Colour Royal 020

Navy 020

Eco Ninjas Colour Royal 019

Royal 019

Eco Ninjas Colour Hospital blue 023

Hospital blue 023

Eco Ninjas Colour Pale blue 032

Pale blue 032

Eco Ninjas Colour Purple 024

Purple 024

Eco Ninjas Colour Red 027

Red 027

Eco Ninjas Colour Pale grey 018

Pale grey 018

Eco Ninjas Colour Gun metal 026

Gun metal  026

Eco Ninjas Colour Black 045

Black 045

Eco Ninjas Colour Bottle 025

Bottle 025

Eco Ninjas Colour Light green 083

Light green 083

Eco Ninjas Colour Mint green 091

Mint green 091

Eco Ninjas Colour Turquoise 046

Turquoise 026

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