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A Prescription For Climate Action ...

A recap of the past few months starting with this unexpected article written by NHS England

Hello everyone and sorry for the radio silence over the past few months but we have been very busy supplying our embroidered theatre caps to many Hospitals in the UK, whilst also working on new designs and exciting developments which we hope to be able to share with you soon. A recap of the past few months starting with this unexpected article written by NHS England:

“Former nurse Danielle created reusable, cloth theatre caps embroidered with names and roles to help improve communication in a busy theatre environment, whilst also reducing disposable waste. Danielle developed the caps to help staff at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital NHS Trust who found it difficult to recognise each other during the COVID-19 pandemic as they wore more personal protective equipment (PPE). Since rolling out the caps, staff have noticed a huge improvement in staff engagement. Danielle also noted that patients found the caps improved their experience in the hospital too. ‘We can all look very similar in our theatre gowns and PPE, so patients now know exactly who they are interacting with, which reduces any anxiety and improves their experience. The environmental benefits are also a massive bonus for us all.’ Well done Danielle for developing and implementing such an innovative project with our staff, patients, and the environment at the forefront. ”

We also attended the Eco Medics conference at the National Geographic in London last month, where Danielle was a key speaker. The topic was ‘The Evolution of Theatre attire’ in which she delved into what happened in the operating theatres in the early 1900’s, when theatre attire which was made from fabric was introduced and worn as standard practice (1930’s for caps) and then when/why SINGLE USE disposable theatre caps, gowns, drapes etc came to take over all fabric attire in the 1990’s (CJD, MRSA, HIV….)!! Sustainable changes need to take place and we are trying to help Trusts to make this change, along with improving the patient journey, enhancing patient safety and breaking down hierarchical barriers.

In conclusion, we need to make sustainable changes to help to make a greener NHS.

Dr.Mruga Diwan was a remote speaker at the event and explored her journey on implementing our name and role theatre caps. You can find her video on the link below:

Dr.Diwan has also written a case study on the benefits of implementing name and role fabric theatre caps into her trust. If you would like a copy, then please email: and we will send it to you.

We also released our first video footage of patients past experiences within hospitals.

You can view this via our Youtube Channel

The full link to the catch up of the Eco medics event is below:

Some more exciting news, we have been invited to attend the Northwest Coast Research and Innovation Awards 2022 at Edge Hill University on the 23rd June 2022. We feel honoured to be invited to such an event as Liverpool Royal have been short listed for two awards, one of which we helped them to implement so fingers crossed, and we will of course let you know how we get on.

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