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Braided badge hats
  • Ideal fabric: 65% polyester 35% cotton
  • Weight: 145gsm
  • Colours: 13
  • Unisex
  • Latex free elastic
  • Wash: 60 degrees C and tumble dry
  • Elasticated sides make the braided hat comfortable to reduce pulling/stretching on the forehead.
  • Braided pouch allows the hair to be cradled and held in position, rather than up tight on top of the head.

  • The ties allow more security as the pouch can be tied to make the hat feel as sturdy as possible.

  • UK Registered Design 6354132

Braided badge hats

  • New Braided design

    When it comes to clinical staff, including surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, wearing hair braids in a surgical setting can pose specific issues.  Braided hair can be more challenging to fully cover and contain under surgical caps, increasing the risk of contamination of the surgical field. 

    Loose hairs from braids can potentially fall into the sterile surgical area, posing an infection risk which can also make the clinician feel nervous and worried of it occurring also and the generic disposable hats can rip and sometimes become too loose. 

    Maintaining a sterile environment is essential in surgery so we have developed a reusable theatre hat to suit clinicians with varying hair braid lengths and thicknesses. 

    We believe that our hair -braided hat covering could minimise the risk of introducing contaminants into the surgical field and allow for a more comfortable and secure sit for healthcare professionals to enable staff to be able to focus on the surgical procedure or job they must do whilst maintaining optimal performance. 

    We believe that this is a suitable alternative to regular style theatre hats and enables better hair care practices that balance hygiene and safety requirements with the maintenance of healthy hair. When working in a complex and high-pressured environment, it is imperative to be as comfortable as possible.


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