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UK patent pending GB2307048.5

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Leading the change away from disposable products

Eco Ninjas by Warwick Med are leading the way by helping hospital theatres transition from disposable theatre caps to reusable “name and role” quality fabric hats. 

Not only do they enhance patient safety and reduce patients’ anxiety, but they also improve communication significantly during operations as everyone can quickly connect and identify easily with others. 

We manufacture/supply all types of operating theatre hats including plain, with or without logos, name & role embroidered and our new badge hat range which we believe will transform the way staff interact with their colleagues on a daily basis.

Eco ninjas woven logo

“Over 1.4% of supply chain emissions are due to single-use devices.  An initiative from the NHS England’s net zero policy is to use resources more efficiently.”

NHS England, 2020.

New habits

Making this sustainable change away from disposable theatre hats to reusable will require a new habit to be built.


Staff removing their badges from their hats at the end of each shift, cleaning and storing them away until they use it again, will soon become an automatic response, just like the way staff take their disposable hats off and put them into the bin each day.

Different coloured badge for different roles

Eco Ninjas hat colour uniform guide

One coloured badge for all roles

Eco Ninjas badge hat guide

Badge colours








The benefits

As Eco Ninjas, we believe in the benefits of our Theatre badge hats.

Our hats not only improve patient safety by ensuring that surgical staff have clear visibility and are easily identifiable, they also improve staff morale, giving them a sense of pride in their work and team. 

David a Surgeon wearing a warwick med reusable badge hat

Reduce mistakes

Less waste to landfill

Can be centrally laundered

Enhanced patient safety

Cost savings

Improved staff morale

jonathon anaesthetist wearing a warwick med reusable badge hat

Sustainability award Winner 2022

Sustainability Winner Eco Ninjas

The North West Coast Research and Innovation Awards recognised outstanding work to improve health and care and find new and innovative ways to deliver services.


We were kindly invited to attend the Northwest Coast Research and Innovation Awards 2022 at Edge Hill University.


Liverpool University Hospital asked us to go along due to working so closely with them in implementing our embroidered theatre caps and I am delighted to say that this project won the Sustainability award 2022.

Warwick Med Logo

By Warwick Med Ltd

The effects

WarwickMed está liderando el cambio de gorras de teatro desechables a "sombreros reutilizables para nombres y roles". Ya estamos viendo resultados positivos con la moral del personal..

James a support worker wearing a warwick med reusable badge hat

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